Design Capabilities

We design the best industrial refrigeration systems, using the principles of value engineering.

Design Special­ties

Experts in new construction, expansions, retrofits, system upgrades, and more.

Reliable Design

Reliability is core in our designs. Our refrigeration engineers use their 100+ years of combined experience to improve our processes.

Minimal Downtime

We use the latest technologies to eliminate as much downtime as possible and keep your facility running smoothly.

Sustained Temperatures

Our systems support 100% of design load, even in the event of an equipment failure.

Our Reliable Partners

Safe Design

Safety is at the heart of every project we undertake, and our design process is no different. We integrate safe processes throughout every stage of project design.

Isolated Refrigerant

Mechanical rooms keep refrigerant isolated, reducing risk for your facility.

Tailored PLC

Our control team designs PLC logic to your specific application, in order to provide custom alarms and alerts.

Our Safety Mission

Efficient Design

Smarter system designs save money and energy.

Vertical Integration

Prefabrication of mini-penthouses enhances quality control and speeds up production.

Machine Sequencing

Optimal controls automation prevents compressors from running longer than necessary.

Wet Bulb Control

Real-time evaluation of ambient conditions ensures optimal pressure setpoints.

Variable Speed

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) save energy by slowing down motors in real time to match variable load.

Efficient Projects

Engineering Projects

Our Capabilities

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