Automation and Process Control

Innovative Refrigeration Systems is capable of every step of an industrial refrigeration project, from design and manufacturing to construction and aftermarket service. This means we have the expertise to design the best controls for your system—who better to integrate controls into a system than the team who designed it?

Our state-of-the-art control systems provide full, granular control to any industrial or ammonia refrigeration system. Our skilled PLC programmers have decades of experience in refrigeration system energy management, and we have a long-standing commitment to helping our clients meet their sustainability goals. So whether you’d like to reduce energy consumption for financial reasons or goals such as LEED certification, Innovative’s PLCs can help.

Why our control solutions are superior:
  • Flexible: we can provide programming for any preferred PLC, including Allen Bradley SLC500, ControlLogix, Automation Direct, and Koyo, utilizing Wonderware InTouch, and Rockwell RSView HMI. More about our HMIs.
  • Open Source Commitment: we deliver non-proprietary PLC hardware, commercially available programming software, and Wonderware HMI, to ensure flexibility and future-proofing for our customers.
  • Efficient: with our PLCs, we can optimize your system to run more efficiently, saving energy and money. More about our Energy Saving Solutions.
  • New Construction or Retrofits: we can install HMIs for new construction or retrofits, or upgrade older systems.
  • Custom Control: Whether due to our own innovations, or simply customer request, we are adept at making custom control solutions.

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