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Our greatest asset is our employees–we find skilled workers and cultivate their talents until they’re the best in the industry.

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Here at Innovative, we provide competitive benefits
Innovative offers competitive benefits that allows the employee to fit the needs of them and their family. Ranging from an extremely generous 401(k) program to customized insurance packages, every benefit has been selected to accommodate the Innovative team.
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Training Videos

We provide a free industrial refrigeration training video each month.
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Apprentice­ship Programs

Our industrial refrigeration technicians participate in our federally- and state-recognized apprenticeship programs, and annual training at IRTC.
Our apprenticeship programs cover a variety of trades: ammonia refrigeration mechanic, welder, electrician, and mechanical insulator.
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Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) is the top ammonia refrigeration education facility in the US.
IRTC offers educational opportunities for both current and aspiring refrigeration technicians. IRTC is a RETA certified facility with a RETA Authorized Instructor (RAI), and offers both classroom lecture and hands-on training in its state-of-the-art training facility.
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Our STAR program outlines a path to success.
Actionable goals are set for each employee, guiding them through tasks, certifications, and safety milestones. This helps shape careers, and also gives a clear path toward pay raises and promotions.
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Safety Training

Our technicians complete annual safety examinations,  plus annual HAZMAT and Operator Refresher training at IRTC.
These precautions ensure that all of our technicians are being safe throughout every step of any operation.