Power and Control Cabinets

As a one-stop, full-service industrial refrigeration contractor, Innovative Refrigeration Systems not only designs, but manufactures every power and control electrical cabinet. Our cabinets are built in our Virginia manufacturing facility, shipped to site, and installed by our own skilled technicians.

  • High Quality: our control panels are UL-508 listed in the US and Canada, and are Hi-Pot tested and rigorously pre-tested before being shipped to site.
  • Customizable: our extensive experience has allowed us to standardize many of our panel designs, but we can also provide custom design for integrated systems.
  • Any Cabinet: including 700HP compressor VFDs, 1200A motor control centers, multi-rack PLC control cabinets, and mechanical room emergency control operator stations.
  • New Construction or Retrofits: allow us to retrofit electrical panels into existing systems, or design completely new ones for new projects.
  • Documentation: extensive control system documentation is delivered to each client, and also available on ePSM (if applicable).
  • No Subcontractors: as a full-service refrigeration contractor, we design, manufacture, install all electrical cabinets, and install any necessary power or control wiring. More construction capabilities.
  • Support: we also service plans that can include technical support, upgrades, remote monitoring, and more.

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