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Design & Engineering Capabilities

Ammonia/CO₂ Cascade

Ammonia/CO₂ cascade systems are some of the most popular packages that Innovative Refrigeration Systems provides. These eco-conscious systems are cost-effective and energy efficient.

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Ammonia Refrigeration

Ammonia refrigeration systems are top sellers at Innovative Refrigeration Systems, and we have 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing, constructing, and servicing them.

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Built-Up or Modular Systems

Innovative Refrigeration Systems is experienced in both modular refrigeration systems and built-up (field-piped) refrigeration systems.

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Chemical Sensing & Ammonia Entrapment

To ensure the safety of your ammonia refrigeration system, Innovative Refrigeration Systems offers chemical sensing and ammonia entrapment services.

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Controls Engineering
Energy Saving Solutions
Freon Systems
Impingement Air Doors

Innovative Refrigeration Systems’ impingement air door design can dramatically reduce air infiltration for coolers and freezers.

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Panel Control Engineering
Power Distribution
Process Safety Management
Ripening Systems

Our ripening rooms improve the color and quality of product without dehydrating it.

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Rooftop Units
R507 Systems
Water Treatment Solutions

Manufacturing Capabilities

Mechanical Houses
Electrical Cabinets

Construction Capabilities

Power Wiring
Refrigeration Piping
Control Wiring
Corrosion Protection

Aftermarket Capabilities

24/7 Technical Support

Innovative provides 24/7 Technical support for its service customers in order to quickly solve problems with your refrigeration system.

ANSI/IIAR Inspections

Innovative can handle Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Inspections of your refrigeration system in accordance with ANSI/IIAR 6.

As-built Drawings

Innovative provides its customers with detailed as-built drawings upon the completion of construction projects.

Controls Automation

Our state of the art control systems provide you with full control of your refrigeration system.

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Emergency Maintenance

Ensure product integrity with our trained service technicians who are able to be dispatched 24/7 for emergency maintenance.


Our 200k square foot manufacturing facility can fulfill all your custom fabrication needs.

Laser Alignment

Our skilled field technicians are able to provide precise compressor package alignments using state-of-the-art laser alignment equipment.

Hazmat Training

We offer HAZWOPER Training at our onsite training facility located in Virginia.

Maintenance Training

Train your facilities maintenance team at our onsite training facility located in Virginia, or we can come to you!

Mechanical Integrity Inspections

Our trained field engineers are available to complete Five Year Mechanical Integrity inspections of your industrial refrigeration systems

O&M Manuals

All Innovative’s refrigeration systems come with complete Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals.

OEM Parts

Our close relationships with vendors such as Danfoss, GEA, Evapco, Frick, and others means that we can quickly provide you with any parts needed to keep your refrigeration system running.

P&I Verification

Our trained field engineers can travel to you and perform detailed Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&I) verification.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

At Innovative we utilize various techniques such as thermography, vibration analysis, and regular inspections to detect mechanical and electrical issues before they result in excessive unscheduled downtime.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Our state of the art software makes creating and accessing your PSM compliance records a streamlined process.

Project Management

No project is too big for Innovative’s team of experience project managers. Detailed schedules and an open communication channel between our PMs and field teams consistently deliver projects on time.

PSM/RMP Audit Services

Innovative Refrigeration Systems offers a suite of PSM/RMP audit services.

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Regulatory Compliance Management

Innovative’s refrigeration engineers and experts are readily available to assist customers throughout OSHA/EPA audits. This coupled with our cloud-based software solutions, such as ePSM, allow for an effective approach to managing a safe and compliant system.

Remote Monitoring

24/7 remote access to your system means that can control your refrigeration systems operations from anywhere in the world.

Routine Maintenance

Our team of nationally recognized ammonia refrigeration technicians are available to perform schedule routine maintenance at your facility.

SOP Development

Let Innovative’s engineering team develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all your routine refrigeration maintenance needs.

SOP Training

Innovative’s engineering team is available to provide on-site training on your systems Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

System Optimization/Energy Management

Our skilled team of PLC programmers have countless years of experience in refrigeration system engery management. Let us program energy management tools for your refrigeration system and reduce your power consumption.

Vibration Analysis

Innovative has a team of vibration analysts dedicated to analyzing your compressor packages vibration data to provide early detection of unbalance, misalignment, and a multitude of bearing defects allowing you to prevent unscheduled downtime and budget for repairs.

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