A Culture of Safety

The safety of our employees is critical and is never compromised.

As the supplier of refrigeration for hundreds of food storage locations, it’s important for the health of the public that our systems work properly.

To further reduce risk of failure, our quality control team inspects manufactured equipment in our fabrication shop at preset intervals. Potential points of failure are identified and corrected before they even leave the shop. Detailed inspection checklists are utilized throughout the manufacturing and construction processes to minimize risk of design flaws or equipment failures.

The safety of our employees is important to us too.

Every employee we hire undergoes rigorous safety training, and receives education about refrigerant safety. For those who will be dealing with refrigerants directly, we have an on-site facility where they are taught to handle emergencies.

At Innovative Refrigeration Systems, monthly field meetings are held where employees of every level can meet with upper management and share any safety concerns that they might have. Safety issues are taken seriously, and employees’ suggestions are often incorporated into our safety committee’s recommendations.

It’s not only our employees that we care about, but our customers’ employees too.

That’s why we work to reduce the amount of ammonia used in our systems. For example, one of our Ammonia/CO2 Cascade systems reduced the amount of on-site ammonia from 33,000 pounds to 4,900. This reduces total risk to our customers’ employees, and gives forewarning of any potential risks.


One of only fourteen companies to receive SHARP certification from Virginia.

We’re proud to have received Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) certification. This puts us among a small group of companies that are nationally recognized for their dedication to safety and health.