HMI Systems

Innovative Refrigeration Systems’ popular Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software makes controlling your system a breeze, from top to bottom. Here’s what sets our HMI systems apart:

  • Ease of Use: we developed our HMI interfaces with the user in mind. Graphics are crisp and clear, and data is logically and conveniently organized. Everything you need to see at a glance.
  • Works with Popular PLCs: our HMI are built on popular frameworks such as Wonderware InTouch and Rockwell RSView HMI, and interface with preferred PLCs such as Allen Bradley SLC500, ControlLogix, Automation Direct, Koyo, and more.
  • Open Source Commitment: we deliver non-proprietary PLC hardware, commercially available programming software, and Wonderware HMI, to ensure flexibility and future-proofing for our customers.
  • Equipment Integration: we’ve developed interfaces for screw compressors and other devices using Ethernet IP, Modbus, OPC, and other communication protocols.
  • Service: we have several service plans which can include future updates and upgrades to HMI software, as well as troubleshooting.
  • Energy Management: our HMIs are highly flexible and can be customized to track things like energy or water consumption. Integrate our HMIs with our other ePSM software packages for greater energy insights.
  • Automated Alerts: set up automated alerts to any number of people, via email or text. Easily customize which events trigger alerts. Our service plans can also include remote monitoring and troubleshooting by Innovative.
  • Remote Access: if desired, set up remote access so your systems can be controlled in real time no matter where you are.
  • Automated Reports: set up automated reports for any data which the HMI has access to. Keep remote workers in the know, or easily track food safety.
  • Trends Over Time: easily access reports and graphs to see how your system’s performance is changing over time. Quickly access historical data for troubleshooting or audits.

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