Innovative was proud to achieve extremely cold, -20℉ temperatures in our client’s resin storage facility. This job is a great example of our precision and dependability: the nearly 100,000 ft² facility is critically temperature controlled and doesn’t vary more than 1℉ .

The facility stores resin, used at Boeing to make super lightweight military and commercial aircraft. The resin cannot be stored above -10℉.

We were awarded the project in the fall of 2016 with Grey Construction and ATI Architects and Engineers.

The client requested we use Mycom compressors, which we were happy to incorporate into our design envelope. Using Bitzer oil separator equipment, we designed a system that perfectly fit the customer’s needs.

Due to the stringent specifications surrounding resin storage, the system required a built-in 100% redundancy. Here at Innovative, we love a challenge and see it as a great opportunity to validate & expand our skills. Our engineering team completely knocked this project out of the park, creating an entirely new package system specific for this contract. They engineered it from the ground up!

The manufacturing team took this complex design and prefabricated a skid package that was complete and ready to tie into the plant piping. Our manufacturing team did a great job using our prefab method, which reduced onsite construction time by 50 percent. Kudos to everyone involved for taking it to the next level!

The resin storage facility is in Washington state. The intense permitting requirements presented many opportunities for Innovative to showcase our knowledge and help the client and Grey Construction obtain the permits required to begin construction with no issue.

Construction began in December of 2016. Our team worked hard to have the facility ready for June 2017; however, before the product could be stored, the facility had to be tested for a month to prove it could hold temperature.

Using a standard PLC loaded with HMI graphics and a fully integrated alarm system, the freezers are kept at -20℉. For the 100,000 square foot facility to be critically temperature controlled, we added extra temperature sensors, extra calibration of the sensors and extra monitoring.

The facility passed the trial period with flying colors, never varying more than 1℉ up or down. The facility has been effectively storing resin for more than a year now! The company gave us a multiyear service contract, which our team has been servicing for three months now. We enjoyed working with everyone involved and were proud to provide the client with this outstanding storage facility!