Innovative is excited about the opening of our new shop expansion in July. This expansion will add 40,069 square feet to our existing 182,951 square feet of office and shop space. This new shop will allow for additional manufacturing of mini penthouses, catwalks, dispersion tanks, and valve stations.

Along with the new shop, we will also be introducing some new equipment. We now have a remote-controlled straddle carrier Combilift system. This machine will bring an extra level of safety to our shop as this can help us lift and move our penthouses with ease. The Combilift can lift 95,000 pounds over 32 feet high. This will greatly increase both our safety and productivity within the shop and we are very excited to introduce this technology.

Along with increasing safety and manufacturing capacity, this building brings with it other benefits. One of these includes reducing the amount of overtime needed. With more space to get things done and the addition of 35 manufacturing workers and 6 engineers, we should be able to cut out weekend work and overtime for full-time workers.

All in all, we are excited to bring more to Innovative and to our customers while improving our possibilities. Good job to our team and let’s keep up the good work!