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IRTC CO2 System Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary
April 13, 2018

Five years ago this month, our Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) announced the opening of the CO2 lab! Over the past five years, IRTC has been able to provide hands-on learning for its students with a CO2-specific course. The use of CO2 has become more common in recent years, and our course offers a broad introduction to fundamental knowledge required to work on a carbon dioxide system. IRTC students have been able to receive more in-depth instruction on CO2 systems since the lab features multiple types of refrigeration set-ups. While taking the CO2 course, students will get hands-on experience utilizing our Cascade System. Topics discussed include: using ammonia (or other refrigerants) as a high-temperature condensing medium, trans-criticality, pumped liquid recirculation, flooding, secondary coolant, and direct expansion.

It’s been a great five years with the CO2 addition, and we can’t wait for more to come!

To learn more about our CO2 lab and the courses offered there, please visit Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC). The next CO2 course will be held September 17-19, 2018. Please call (540) 246-0926 for more details.