Innovative Refrigeration Systems has been featured in Industry Today. The article highlights Innovative’s rise to national prominence as a design-builder; it also mentions that Innovative is currently in its third year of a five-year process aimed at receiving an across-the-board ISO 9001 certification and details how Innovative is a true “one-stop shop” for design, build, install, and service operations.  These are just a few things that help us deliver the promise of innovation to our customers.

From Industry Today:

“Innovative Refrigeration Systems Inc. designs, builds and installs customized turnkey world-class, computer-controlled ammonia refrigeration systems, large tonnage freon and CO2 systems for the cold storage and food process markets.

 It’s one thing to put ‘Innovative’ in your name—that’s the easy part. It’s quite another to deliver on the promise of innovation. Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. is one manufacturer that doesn’t just live up to its name — it defines it.

‘We like to say that when you hire Innovative, that’s exactly what you get,’ says president Mike McGinnis. ‘We’re the only company with extensive in-house experience to succeed at every level of any refrigeration project, whether it is engineering, manufacturing, building, crafting, commissioning, or servicing of any customer need in North America.”’

You can read Industry Today’s full article about Innovative Refrigeration Systems here. You can also check out the magazine’s digital copy, which features images from Innovative’s job sites all over the country.