Five years ago this month, our Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) announced the opening of the CO₂ lab! Over the past five years, IRTC has been able to provide hands-on learning for its students with a CO₂-specific course. The use of CO₂ has become more common in recent years, and our course offers a broad introduction to fundamental knowledge required to work on a carbon dioxide system. IRTC students have been able to receive more in-depth instruction on CO₂ systems since the lab features multiple types of refrigeration set-ups. While taking the CO₂ course, students will get hands-on experience utilizing our Cascade System. Topics discussed include: using ammonia (or other refrigerants) as a high-temperature condensing medium, trans-criticality, pumped liquid recirculation, flooding, secondary coolant, and direct expansion.

It’s been a great five years with the CO₂ addition, and we can’t wait for more to come!

To learn more about our CO₂ lab and the courses offered there, please visit Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC). The next CO₂ course will be held September 17-19, 2018. Please call (540) 246-0926 for more details.