Innovative Refrigeration Systems is announcing it will invest $1.6 million and create 100 new jobs over the next three years.  The Lyndhurst, Virginia-headquartered business currently employs 94 at its Lyndhurst plant and employs 235 employees throughout the U.S.

Michael McGinnis, President of Innovative Refrigeration, is proud of Innovative Refrigeration’s growth and success over the past 23 years.  “I am extremely pleased with the company’s continued success, and the relationships we have developed with our customers. We use a tailored approach with our clients and their customized systems in order to offer them the most cost-effective, efficient systems to meet their refrigeration needs. Our success would not be possible without qualified, dedicated employees. I’m very proud of our staff and look forward to expanding our team,” said Mr. McGinnis.

Founded in 1993, Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. has successfully designed, fabricated, and installed customized turn-key industrial refrigeration systems for over 20 years.  Innovative Refrigeration has grown from a family-owned “garage shop” to a nationwide powerhouse in the cold storage and food processing industry.

Carolyn Bragg, Chair of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors and representative of the South River District where Innovative Refrigeration is located said, “The addition of jobs and investment by industry-leading companies in Augusta County is a top priority for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.”  “We desire our citizens to have access to good-paying, quality jobs, and we are honored to support Innovative Refrigeration with its growth,” added Bragg.

In an effort to attract Innovative Refrigeration’s expansion in Virginia, the Virginia Jobs Investment Program was able to help fund the training of new employees in cooperation with Augusta County, which matched the training grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.