Innovative Refrigeration Systems was featured in bothIndustry Today andIndustry Virginia for our impressive technology in refrigeration software and refrigeration system design. Our Lyndhurst facility is home to our talented engineering professionals who are responsible for design of all of our refrigeration systems, including: Ammonia, Ammonia/ CO2 Cascade Systems, Blast Freezing, and Process Refrigeration. Lyndhurst is also home to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where our first-rate team of welders, electricians, and insulators take pride in the products that we manufacture for our customers.

Innovative has designed, and continues to use & maintain, multiple refrigeration-related software programs.

ePSMis a cloud based Process Safety Management program that provides “a digital method of data archival and retrieval while significantly decreasing the amount of time it takes to create PSM and RMP Programs,” according to VP John Stoklosa.

eCompliance is a cloud based system that allows you to securely document Freon inventory, recovery, disposal, maintenance, and reclamation, as required by the EPA Clean Air Act. It makes compliance with confusing and complex regulations simple and easily understandable for operators, technicians, safety managers, and supervisors.

eConserve is an energy-monitoring program that provides day to day energy trend analysis, utility bill metric analysis, meter and weather monitoring and much more. It allows facilities to drive energy cost-cutting measures and track their sustainability efforts.

eService is a web based service program that allows refrigeration operators to request, track, document, and monitor refrigeration service activities for their facility. Reporting on equipment history is quick and easy.

All these programs bring great value to our customers, but when combined from the start with a refrigeration system designed by Innovative and software powered by Innovative there is no limit to your success. Contact our sales team today to setup a demo of our software.