Innovative Refrigeration is extremely pleased to share that OSHA has recognized us as a SHARP certified operation. We’ve had our eye on SHARP for a while, so we’re very excited to finally have the official designation under our belt!

OSHA’s Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program is an opt-in program primarily intended for small American businesses. To qualify, companies must meet certain employee size thresholds, complete a comprehensive consultation visit from OSHA’s on-site consultation office, implement an effective safety & health program, maintain injury rates below the industry-wide national average, and breed a safety culture with substantial involvement from employees.

After correcting any identified problems, the consultation team makes a recommendation on whether or not a business should be awarded SHARP standing.

The benefits of such a status are numerous. The most important benefit is utilization of the consultation team’s expertise and insight to continuously improve the safety of all employees. As we’ve talked about previously here on the R717 blog, Innovative has given safe operation the highest level of priority. We always want our employees to be in the best possible position, and that means keeping our construction, manufacturing, and service teams as safe as possible.

Going forward, SHARP certification will show our customers and industry peers that Innovative is serious when it comes to safety and is committed to continuously improving our safety culture. More importantly it will continue to push all of our employees to work safer and recognize hazards in the workplace to prevent injuries so everyone can go home safely to their loved ones!