The Innovative team is back at our Virginia headquarters after a few action-packed days at the IIAR Conference & Expo in Phoenix!

Industry events like last week’s conference are always marquee destinations for Innovative Refrigeration because they’re both fun and productive. Our team returned with fun stories from several different happenings, like the Frick Rodeo or customer rendezvouses. As is often the case, some of the most memorable moments weren’t even scripted; instead, our team members enjoyed organic connections at happy hours or in hotel lobbies with peers from around the refrigeration landscape. We talked up our excellent ePSM software, made some new contacts, and caught up with friends and vendors from around the world.

Oh, and we also sponsored the seventh hole at ARF’s Memorial Golf Tournament at the Raven Golf Club! That was enjoyable. (We’re not sure our two golfers will be joining the PGA any time soon, though.)

There was certainly plenty to see in Phoenix last week, but following our return to the east coast, many of our staffers agree on one big takeaway from the 2019 conference: Transcritical CO₂ systems are here to stay!

CO₂ is not exactly a new phenomenon in the industry, having been used effectively as a refrigerant as early as the 19th century. Until this point, much of its use had been subcritical, in part because the pressure needed to push CO₂ beyond its critical point is so immense.

A shift toward transcritical CO₂ systems could offer any number of benefits for companies in the cold storage or food process business. For one thing, CO₂ is less hazardous (and far less regulated) than more mainstream refrigerant options like Ammonia and Freons. Advantages like these may drive the industry in the CO₂ direction in the coming decade — particularly as Freon is phased out by increased environmental direction.

Fortunately, Innovative Refrigeration made the decision to begin working with CO₂/cascade systems back in 2008, so we are very much ahead of the curve on this trend. Additionally, our Industrial Refrigeration Technical College is one of the only places in the country where students can receive comprehensive, effective training in CO₂ refrigeration processes. We love designing and constructing Ammonia Systems for clients, but we certainly consider ourselves to be experts on the CO₂ side of things, too.

Innovative is ready for more CO₂ because we’ve already been working with it for more than a decade. As the transcritical trend gathers momentum, we’ll continue to lead the industry!