‘Tis the season!  The Innovative team took some time in December to celebrate all of our accomplishments in 2017.

Last month, we held our annual Holiday Party to congratulate and celebrate our team for their hard work and commitment to Innovative. Our holiday party is a perfect way to get all of our manufacturing, construction, service and office teams together to celebrate our success as a company. This year, 190 Innovative employees, spouses, and retired team members were able to come together and celebrated our service, new training programs, new apprenticeships and work anniversaries.

In fact, there were Innovative celebrations in December throughout the country. As our company continues to grow, we have more and more employees who live out of state, away from our home office in Virginia. Our remote workers took some time to celebrate in all corners of the continent, making merry at the close of another amazing year. It takes a full team effort to make a company successful, and we appreciate every employee — especially those who work hard away from home. We cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring, thanks to this dedicated workforce!

We are very appreciative to all our employees for their hard work and dedication to helping our company succeed and grow! We’re excited to ring in the new year with bold new projects and a busy 2018 calendar!