We’d like to congratulate our own Brennan Renick on being promoted to Assistant Plant Manager! Brennan has been a Continuous Improvements Engineer at our main facility for the past 4 years. Now that we’ve acquired additional space down the road, we are proud to have Brennan manage it.

The newly acquired building on Commonwealth Drive will be used exclusively to build penthouse evaporator units, speeding up the production of these penthouses. Brennan will oversee production in the Commonwealth Building. He will help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the new space is used efficiently. We are confident that he will streamline penthouse production given his success in continuous improvements at Innovative.

Brennan says, “I will be overseeing the fabrication of the company’s mini penthouse units. This includes managing of materials/manpower, quality assurance, and most importantly, overseeing the overall safety of my team. We have a great opportunity as a company to optimize the performance of this new building from our learning experiences with our current plant and having built an awesome team in the shop over the years. The timing for this new plant to open its doors is impeccable, as we are scheduled to have 38 penthouse units hitting the floor within the next month and a half. I am honored to have been offered this position and am excited to hit the ground running in transforming the Commonwealth Building into a well-oiled, profit-making machine.”

The opening of this new manufacturing space of approximately 55,000 square feet will increase our operating space in Lyndhurst, VA to almost 200,000 square feet. American Engineered, American Manufactured, American Installed, and American Serviced!

Congratulations Brennan and best of luck in your new position!