We are excited to announce that early this year, Innovative Refrigeration broke ground on a 19,000 square-foot expansion of our office & manufacturing facility here in Lyndhurst, Virginia.

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In order to keep up with industry demand, our company has been continuously growing. Eventually, we knew we would need to expand to provide more room for our Construction, Engineering, and Service teams, as well as the support staff that helps our company operate efficiently.

The design and layout were planned with ergonomics, teambuilding and energy conservation in mind. Wherever possible, we have sourced materials and construction partners locally, in order to benefit our community and strengthen the economy in which we work and live.

Because much of our team is made up of talented engineers and construction managers, we were able to self-produce the architectural layout, as well as the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, ornamental metals, and structural steel design for the second floor mezzanine. Given our vast depth of skilled tradesman, we are also able to self-perform much of the construction, lending to cost savings and cross-discipline training opportunities.

The entire building will be controlled by an integrated state of the art Programmable Logic Controller that has been designed and built by the Innovative team. This is the same equipment we design and build to control the custom industrial refrigeration systems we design, construct, and service all over the United States.

Because environmental concerns are always at the forefront of our business, we installed a modern, natural water runoff filtration pond. This will ensure that our watershed is protected for generations to come. The reduce/reuse/recycle philosophy was incorporated in all phases of design and construction. Low E glazing, recyclable construction materials, repurposed construction materials, state-of-the-art low-energy consumption HVAC, LED lighting, and Complete Building Control all add to the minimized environmental footprint Innovative is always seeking out, both for our customers and ourselves.

We have stayed on a rigorous schedule and are looking forward to moving into the new space in November of this year. We’ll begin the renovation of the previous office space at that point, with the intention of bringing the entire building together.

The anticipated completion schedule for the project is mid-January 2016. As Innovative Refrigeration Systems moves into this new phase of growth, we invite you to check back in for updates!