Innovative Refrigeration Systems, a world-class industrial refrigeration design, fabrication, and installation company, is pleased to host a training at its facility to help the Level III Hazardous Material (Hazmat) Regional Team meet and maintain certification from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. At least 30 Fire Department personnel from multiple stations are expected to participate.

The training, which will take place the morning of Saturday, Sept. 10, will involve the city of Waynesboro Fire Department, Staunton Fire Rescue, and the Wilson Volunteer Fire Company, allowing them to train for response to a hazmat scenario. The drill will begin with a hazardous material ‘alarm’ at the Fishersville Fire Station, where a de-briefing about the potential situation will be held. The physical health of responders will then be checked, and roles will be assigned.

Once the regional hazmat team arrives at the scene, responders in Level III personal protective gear will make multiple team entries, set up a command station, and assemble a large decontamination area that will include showers, brushes & solutions, rinse stations, and medical monitoring. The simulated response will be monitored by Fire Department officials for post-event evaluation.

“While we were at Innovative training their staff on emergency response, we determined that this would be an ideal place to hold our annual hazmat certification training,” said Captain Nathan Ramsey, from Special Operations. “By using an industrial site such as this one, we are able to simulate all risk associated with hazard materials, which is paramount for our team members.”

“We jumped at the opportunity to let them use our facility to prepare for an actual Hazardous Material response,” said Mike J. McGinnis, P.E., President of Innovative Refrigeration. “In addition to helping prepare local fire departments and insure the safety of our community, this will also help us train our customers to protect their employees and their facilities.”