If you’re looking for the best design-build firm in the industrial refrigeration business, then yes, Innovative Refrigeration is a common first choice. Many businesses are already aware of this.

However, fabrication & construction aren’t the only things we do. Innovative owns a chain of Refrigeration System Management software called eInnovative that provides crucial administrative services that every business in the field needs.

While eInnovative was designed as a comprehensive package of software that works best in conjunction with one another, ePSM is the suite’s most frequently sought-after support feature. Popular for its simple, clean design and its comprehensive functionality, successful businesses all across North America rely on ePSM for a simple, headache-free approach to process safety management.

If you’re looking to improve your facility’s approach to PSM, or if you’re a client just looking for a refresher on everything that makes our software great, here are four good reasons why you should invest confidently in our ePSM program:

An inside look at ePSM.

1. Alerting

How much time and energy does your PSM staff spend just trying to accurately track deadlines? If your staff is operating out of an old binder system, it’s not just an inefficient use of your personnel — it could be a liability, too.

With ePSM, our customers know exactly what they need to do, and exactly when it needs to be done. ePSM tracks and alerts clients to any pending issues or upcoming dates (including outstanding audit recommendations and upcoming training sessions) that need to be resolved. Whether it’s as routine as a daily mechanical inspection or as rare as a 5-year EPA RMP submission, our software keeps you on top of every deadline so that nothing slips through the cracks.

2. Accessibility

In the Dark Ages, PSM teams relied on files and binders to keep track of critical process information. This could be problematic for any number of reasons. For one thing, lugging a giant binder around and tracking relevant pages can be a huge hassle. For larger clients, there’s an even bigger problem — how do you stay on top of PSM if you’re running a business with numerous facilities throughout North America?

ePSM easily eliminates these problems by being paperless and accessible online. Every date, document, and protocol your business could ever need to access is readily available online, on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Most importantly, if your business is spread out with multiple team members in multiple places, everyone can easily refer to ePSM, making team planning and communication that much simpler. For our large, nationwide clients, the accessibility of ePSM is a critically important feature.

3. Clean Record-Keeping

ePSM isn’t just the most effective PSM solution on the market — it’s the sharpest looking one, too. Intuitively organized and easy to navigate, ePSM is the hands-down best solution for any Process Safety team. Track and store everything online, and forget about the paper trail. Our redesigned interface is the most modern option in the field, and our Development team will keep it that way far into the future.

4. Support Staff

When you sign on for ePSM, you’re not just getting the field’s best management & record-keeping software. Our PSM Support team is available all day during business hours to field questions and troubleshoot your facility’s unique problems. Having trouble locating what you need? Not quite sure what a specific action is called? Need to review recommendations after a previous audit? Our phones are always open, and our team of process safety experts is the perfect complement to our comprehensive software.

ePSM is truly a product not available anywhere else. To find out more about how eInnovative could help your facility, contact our sales team at (540) 246-0494.