Earlier this month, a few members of our sales, engineering, and training teams headed out to Colorado Springs for the 2018 International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Conference. The event drew more than 150 exhibitors from all possible corners of the industry. With more than 2500 attendees, the IIAR conference is a great place for us to connect with others in the industry and keep up to date with new industry trends.

With so many companies from around the globe in attendance, we are able to network and discover new advancements in the industry happening all over the world. Our employees visited Technical Paper seminars, gaining valuable insight into other operations and earning some Professional Development Hours (PDH) in the process.

Innovative and the Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) had its own exhibition, showing off our newest software advances (ePSM & eTraining), training classes (Incident Command) and engineering services.