QUEST = QUality + Efficiency + Safety + Teambuilding!

At Innovative, we are dedicated to producing high quality solutions, ensuring the safety of our employees and customers, and connecting our team of bright, creative, and hard-working talent across the country through collaboration and idea sharing.

We have implemented a Quality Control program with engineers inspecting fabricated equipment in our shop at set checkpoints in order to identify, brainstorm, test, and implement quality improvements to not only correct issues, but PREVENT them from reoccurring. On our construction sites, quality issues are brought to the forefront and those involved are encouraged to present ideas that will help resolve and prevent the issues going forward.

Our Continuous Improvement Engineering team is dedicated to improving the efficiency of our construction and manufacturing team through time studies, process flow changes, and production scheduling. The team is continuously researching new tools and methods that make our workplace safer, more efficient, and ensure that our high standard of quality is maintained.

Safety is always our top value. All incidents are investigated and documented with corrective and preventative actions. Any safety concerns brought forward from employees are taken seriously and addressed as quickly as possible. Safety improvement ideas and suggestions are always appreciated, reviewed against our standards, and often-times executed!

Monthly meetings with all field/shop employees, project managers, safety managers, and upper management are held to discuss any incidents, safety/quality improvements, and any other ideas that will ensure the same standards of excellence are held across all employees throughout the country.